Thursday, March 10, 2005

One wonders why?

Well I think I am having a brain fade. Why have I just signed up to this? To bare my soul to the world? Of course not I am too secretive for that! However, I have no doubt I will spill my guts quite nicely on this. All blood red and horrible. No counselling sessions required just spew what is in my head right now on this.

What idle thoughts shall I spill forth into this great void? I think I shall begin with a poem so here it is...not by me...I have no imaginative nor creative bone in my you can see. But then again don't they say there is a novel in everyone...perhpas I by passed that when they were giving out gifts. Damn ;-)


One I kept
Two I lost
Three sheltered from the frost.

One I tired of
Two still wanted
Three the stoney meadows haunted.

One was faithful
Two was clever
Three stayed in my heart forever.

Tenesse Williams that is interesting. There is a tale to tell. One came out of the closet. One I married (and soon will divorce). One I had for one night.

I think thats about enough.